Y & P Architects make process of assessing, in a structured way, the case for proceeding with a project or proposal, or the project’s viability. We involves in comparing various options, using economic appraisal or some other decision analysis technique. The entire project should be objectively appraised for the same feasibility study should be taken in its principal dimensions, technical, economic, financial, social and so far to establish the justification of the project or The project appraisal is the process of judging whether the project is profitable or not to client.
We make process of detailed examination of several aspects of a given project before recommending of some projects.

Whatever the size of your building project an early professional appraisal is advisable to assess the feasibility of your proposals and ideas.

A professional project appraisal is also invaluable, not only to ensure that all necessary approvals for the project are applied for and subsequently obtained, but also to ensure that design costs are not wasted pursuing consent for a project which has little or no chance of receiving planning approval.

Our Project Appraisal service would include an initial site visit to assess your proposals. During this visit We would be able to confirm the requirements for Planning and Building Regulation approval for the scheme. Also at this stage, We would give you an indication as to whether your proposals would accord with current local authority planning guidance and therefore be likely to receive favourable consideration by the local planning authority when the relevant application is submitted.

Our process

  • Initial Assessments
  • Define problem and long-list
  • Consult and short-list
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Compare and select Project appraisal.